Horse Stable Play-Scape Backpack Set, with 5 figures

Product Code: 387708

Weight: 0.85

L 33 W 32 H 12 cm

Product details

The Horse Stable Play-Scape backpack is a unique new concept in play.

The backpack features a fold out stable play scene that is quick and easy to assemble, creating an area for imaginative play anywhere. Used with your favourite figures the play scene becomes a world full of adventure where all your horse figures can play. Quickly folding away, it becomes the ideal place to store them until that next adventure begins. Perfect for school or travel the Play-Scape backpack, take your world with you.

Included in this set are the following figures: – Shire Horse, Fjord Horse, Andalusian, Welsh Pony and Shetland Pony.

EAN: 5031923877085