Nature's Kingdom

Animal Planet is the leading global media brand for all things animal with quality programming and consumer products that bring the human-animal connection to life.

Animal Planet’s mission is to celebrate & explore our vital, enriching and ultimately humanizing connection with the animal world.

Did you know?

The two-toed sloth, or to give it the correct name, Linneaus’s twotoed sloth, inhabits central and South America.

Two-toed sloths derive their name from the fact that they have 2 toes on their forefeet whilst having 3 on their hindfeet (as with all other sloths).

New for 2015

Animal Planet Mojo Minis

Miniature models of your favourite animals and Dinosaurs. Beautifully sculpted and detailed, what they lack in size they certainly make up for in Quality.

The 2015 range comprises of 10 Wildlife and 10 Prehistoric figures. Collectible and fun these pocket sized pals are the ideal way to start your collection.

Watch out for more new and exciting collections to add to your miniature world.

Box sets and in-store display

Animal Planet Deluxe Figures

Featuring the internationally known and trusted Animal Planet name these figures and gift sets echo the core beliefs of the Brand. Promoting Education, Providing Inspiration and Championing Conservation worldwide.

Available in an assortment of sizes and containing a wide selection of themes such as Farm, Woodland, Wildlife, Africa and Dinosaurs. The Deluxe Figure and sets offer the ideal way to showcase this exciting Brand in-store, presenting the perfect gift.

Animal Planet Deluxe Figures and sets, the perfect combination of product and Brand.