Founded in 2009 Mojo (HK) Limited is a fast growing company based around the design and production of high quality models for both play and collection. Better known to most as Mojofun we launched our first series of models onto the market in January 2011.

Our mission then as it is now was to create the finest quality models available on the market. No small task when you consider the quality of companies already established in this very competitive market. However to date we feel that we have lived up to our early lofty ambitions.

Late 2012 saw the beginning of our collaboration with Discovery Animal Planet.

Launched officially at the Honk Kong Toy Fair in January 2013. The combination of a high profile and internationally respected brand together with a premium quality animal model has proved immensely successful. So much so that our range under the Animal Planet brand is now available in over 30 countries with more soon to be added.

So whether they are available in your country under the Animal Planet brand or simply “Mojo”, you can be sure that our figures will be of the highest quality.

Making animal figures is our business however we also care deeply about nature and conservation. To that end we worked with the Iberian Lynx Foundation a Government funded conservation charity set up to protect the Iberian Lynx. Whilst it is fair to say we only play a very small part in this process, it is something we believe in and are happy to be involved.

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