Each year our collection of models expands and evolves.

2015 saw the introduction of Fantasy models and figures where previously only animals were available. These together with the new Mojo Mini’s series have proved extremely popular and will be expanded upon as we look to 2016 and beyond.

We will continue to raise the bar in terms of the quality and design of our figures, improving some, replacing others, constantly striving to recreate models as close to nature as possible. This process is constantly evolving and would not be possible if it weren’t for our dedicated team of designers and sculptors who work closely together to create some of the best quality figures on the market.

In addition to our in-house team we have also worked closely with avid collectors whose experience and knowledge should not be under estimated. They have helped to create some of our finest figures and also critiqued some of our older models. The process of listening to criticism and acting on it has been paramount to achieving the quality level we have today. A process which will continue to the future.

Mojo is currently available in over 40 countries worldwide either under the Animal Planet Brand or Mojo. Whichever brand is available near you, rest assured the quality and product will be the same. To see whether our product is available where you are, consult our distributor page. This contains contact details of the distributor in your area and also brand availability

If Mojo/Animal Planet is not currently available in your area then rest assured we are working hard to change that. You can also contact us directly for any information you need.