If you have a question which isnt covered below feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The word Mojo literally means “inner magic”. Our aim is to awaken that inner magic in everyone, to reveal the child that lies within us all.

All of our models are put through rigorous quality control in order to assure that all of our products meet our very high standards. If in spite of this you still receive a damaged model then firstly you should consult your retailer to see about getting a replacement.

If that fails please contact us telling us where and when you bought the product and we were follow up for you immediately.

We hope the answer to this question is YES but check our distributor list to make sure.

We expand our range of models every year however we cannot make everything. If you would like to make a suggestion for a model you think we should make please feel free to contact us via the contact form but we cannot guarantee that we can make that particular model.

Not all of our models are available in every store the range depends mostly on the distributor and the store. If your store/distributor receives enough requests they may eventually consider stocking that product so always feel free to ask them.

Our Animal Planet license does not cover the US and Canda in these countries they are distributed under the Mojo brand instead.

Check our distributor list to see if a distributor is available in your country then contact them to see about ordering our products. If a distributor is not available contact us and we will take your details so that we can pass them on to the nearest available distributor.

In order to keep a consistent level of quality we rotate out old models and introduce more up to date versions. We no longer produce a model once it has been released from our range although you may still be able to find it at some retailers and online. You can use our blog to contact other members for assistance in locating older models.